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Welcome to Sierra C Yoga

Customized yoga in your home or workplace


Yoga is for everyone

Private Yoga Sessions

Hi, I’m Sierra, a certified private yoga instructor.

While I can teach anyone who wants to practice yoga, I specialize in men and women who are dealing with an injury, a physical issue like back pain, or a disability.

I customize poses that will help you feel better and move more easily, with less pain and greater mobility. Everyone can do the yoga I offer. I provide modifications that suit your body and address your unique situation.

You don’t need to be able to touch your toes, do a backbend or sit with your legs crossed.

Yoga meets you where you are. Together we make this beautiful practice work for you.


can be

Yoga for Small Groups

The student in a perfect pose next to you can bring up feelings of inadequacy.

That’s SO not the point of yoga.

I take your injury or issue into consideration and adapt the pose, often using props that make the pose doable. Modified poses benefit the body as much as regular poses, and you’re protected from further injury while realizing the three big benefits of yoga: greater flexibility, improved balance and a stronger body.

Every body is a yoga body

Corporate Wellness Yoga

More than any other form of exercise, yoga is a start-where-you-are journey.

The benefits begin with your first pose. The practice is yours. There’s no competition. Along the path to yoga nirvana, the benefits pile up:

  • You feel better

  • You move more easily

  • Your balance improves

  • Your core grows stronger (and takes pressure off the back)

  • Your muscles become more flexible

  • Digestion and elimination systems work better

  • Circulation improves

  • Your posture improves (many students actually get taller)

  • Irregular menstrual cycles often normalize

A recent study of older adults with memory problems suggests that yoga may keep your brain young.

And then there’s this: yoga calms the mind, which could be the best news of all.


Improve your golf, running or cycling game

Virtual Yoga Global Reach

Cutting back on the activities you love—or not being able to do them at all—is reason enough to try yoga.

Yoga can open the shoulders to improve your golf swing and release those tight hamstrings and calves caused by years of running and cycling.

A class filled with students isn’t always the place to start. Even the most well-intentioned yoga teachers find it impossible to address individual issues in a room full of students. At best, the teacher gives modifications as she instructs; you’re left to wonder if she means you. By the time you’ve figured out the pose, she’s on to the next one.

I take the time to learn about your situation before we do one pose:

  • Are you working with an injury, disability, chronic pain, or stiffness?

  • How does your situation impact your activity level, your work, your life?

  • What do you want from yoga?

I encourage you to give yoga (and me) a try. You have nothing to lose—and a golf, running or cycling game to reclaim.