Throat Chakra Private Yoga Sessions

Your body is unique

You’ve learned to carry yourself and use your body in ways that feel comfortable and familiar. If you’ve sustained an injury, you’re likely overusing some muscles and underutilizing others to protect the area and avoid another injury. Stress and anxiety are housed in the body, often in the neck and shoulders, lower back and hips. Stiffness in those areas affects your alignment, your posture, and your performance on the course, the court, and the track.

Customized yoga just for you

Working with a private instructor, particularly if you’ve sustained an injury, is an excellent way to realize the benefits of yoga. I bring props, make adjustments and provide verbal cues. Together, we retrain and strengthen your muscles, enhance your balance and improve your flexibility. Over time, you gradually gain more mobility and feel better (sometimes after just one session!).

Fast-forward your practice

One-on-one support, hands-on modifications and verbal cueing are immensely helpful in building your yoga competency and confidence. Subtle adjustments and gentle reminders keep you on track and focused during our sessions. You internalize those cues and bring them to the mat in your regular yoga class. Your poses improve, your practice deepens and your commitment to the life-long benefits of yoga grows stronger.