Yoga at the Office, Corporate Wellness

Yoga, and more

I consult with companies about ways to promote wellness through stress reduction techniques, work/life balance tips and mindfulness presentations. Yoga helps people feel better, and feeling better usually means increased productivity, fewer sick days and less absenteeism. Folks feel good about where they work, and potential hires are impressed by a culture that values wellness.

Practitioners all over the world have discovered the benefits of yoga in the workplace. Yoga reduces stress while promoting health, well-being and fitness. These days most workers sit or stand at a computer for hours, day after day. Tight hip flexors, shoulders and hamstrings are common complaints. Ditto for overall stiffness, achy joints and mid-day lethargy.

I provide yoga instruction for groups of 5-20 people in sessions before work, during the lunch hour or at the end of the work day. The room needs to be large enough to accommodate mats for everyone, with space to move the arms freely.

Practice yoga for your spouse, your children, your world

Funny thing about yoga: we come to the mat for ourselves yet our yoga practice improves the lives of the people around us, including our co-workers. Yoga builds self-respect and confidence. You literally stand taller. You feel better. The people around you—at home, at work and the friends you hang with—tune into this new you. Yoga is a gift you give yourself and everyone around you.