Living proof

A serious injury at the age of 20 led me to yoga. At the time, I was a dancer and a dance instructor, with an extensive background in movement theory and technique. In 2006, I fell while performing with the World Championship Drum Corps during their 50th Anniversary Tour. I fractured my hip and underwent surgery. The doctor held out little promise for a full recovery, and told me I’d never dance again.

The hip injury interrupted my coursework but I eventually completed a BS degree in Kinesiology at Indiana University. In the program I learned a great deal about how bodies work. More than ever, I was determined to find a way to make my body move and dance like it once had.

Armed with all the patience I could muster and a boatload of modifications, I began the practice of yoga. Over time, I started to move more easily and with less pain. Hugely impressed by the ability of yoga to retrain the body, I committed to studying this ancient practice and to bring the benefits to others.

While in grad school for an MFA in Dance, I found a teaching studio that specialized in yoga with modifications. I completed my yoga instructor certification at that studio and in 2016, filled with passion and invaluable personal experience, I launched my business as a private yoga instructor in Denver, Colorado.

I’m living proof that yoga is truly for everyone. The trick is to find the yoga that’s right for you. That’s where I come in. I’d love the opportunity to help you move more easily, experience less pain, and feel the profound sense of well-being that comes with the practice of yoga.