Change your life, one downward dog at a time

How do we know if we’re a fit?

I like to schedule an initial meet-up over coffee for just that reason. I prefer to learn about any injuries or special circumstances that you’re working with before the session, and you can get your questions answered.

How long are the private sessions?

Sessions run from 30 to 60 minutes. Obviously, a full hour allows us to take your experience deeper, but the length of the session is your call. If you’re wondering if you have an hour of yoga in you, we can start with 30 minutes and gradually increase the duration as your strength and stamina improve.

What should I wear?

Wear clothing that allows you to move easily. Tights, leggings, shorts, t-shirts and fitted tops all work well. Avoid super-baggy clothes that could get in the way of stretching and moving your arms and legs. You do the poses on a mat, which I furnish. If bare feet bother you, wear socks with nonslip protection.

Do I need equipment?

No, I bring a mat for your use, and props to aid in modifications. I travel with my playlists if you like music in the background.

How often do we meet?

Like tennis, golf or piano, the more you practice, the quicker you experience results. Ideally, we’d meet two or even three times a week. Having said that, I realize this isn’t always doable. You’ll still feel better and realize changes by doing yoga just once a week. Those changes come more quickly if we meet more frequently.

What’s your pricing structure?

More important to me than price is the opportunity to work with you. I have pricing guidelines; I’m also willing to negotiate my rates to work within your budget. Let’s talk.

I have some limitations from an old sports injury; is that a problem?

No, definitely not. I specialize in yoga modifications for people with injuries. Every yoga pose can be adapted to suit your body. I have firsthand experience working with an injury and received my yoga certification from a studio that specializes in yoga with modifications. You’re in good hands.

Can I practice yoga on my own to supplement our work together?

Absolutely! In fact, I encourage it. I’m happy to give you a five or ten-minute routine to practice on your own, between sessions. The New York Times reported recently that just 12 minutes of yoga a day can improve your bones.

Does yoga help me lose weight?

Yoga isn’t touted as a weight-loss program. However, depending on the rigor with which you practice, and the frequency, yoga can definitely influence your weight, especially in combination with healthy food.

Do I need to sweat to benefit from yoga?

No, sweating isn’t necessary. You feel your body temperature warming as you do the poses, but it’s not necessary to break into a sweat to realize the benefits of yoga. On the other hand, if sweating is what you’re after, I’m down for a vinyasa practice that gets you glowing!